Ian Filippini: Best Santa Barbara, California Photographers

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Best Santa Barbara, California Photographers

Photographs are taken to capture special memories that we always want to look back upon. We all have our digital cameras and phones to take a quick pic any time that we would like, but there are certain memories that only a professional photograph can capture in the true essence. For those occasions, whether a prom, a wedding or even birth of a baby, Santa Barbara has many different photographers to cater to your needs. But, with so many different photographers it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. To make your life just a little bit easier, take a look at this list of top photographers in the city.

Take a Glance Photography

Take a Glance Photography specializes in creating photographs using Santa Barbara’s coastline as the backdrop. Each photograph represents beauty and splendor that you can always look back upon and appreciate. Of course, if you prefer, other locations are available for your session throughout the city, including parks and historical areas. 

Vita Bella

Vita Bella has the philosophy that life is beautiful… they go above and beyond to capture any of those beautiful moments you want to remember forever. This photography studio can create beautiful wedding photos, pregnancy photos and family photos just as easily as they can create professional photos and prom pictures. Vita Bella Photography is a favorite in Santa Barbara, and you can always count on getting a personalized photography session with this group of talented individuals.

Michael & Ana Costa Photography

They say that a picture says a thousand words. It is certainly true, but the intensity of the photograph affects how loudly those words are spoken. Michael & Ana Costa Photography studio offers photography sessions and portraits that will always leave memories in great abundance. The husband/wife team have won numerous awards for their outstanding photography, with wedding portraits their specialty. 

ByCherry Photography

ByCherry Photography offers a personalized photography experience for all occasions. Not only can you count on photographs that capture the true essence of the moment, Cherry always goes the extra mile to ensure that you are happily satisfied with the results of your session. Affordable prices combine with the exceptionally high quality portraits, making ByCherry Photography a top choice for all of your needs.

Karen D Photography

Karen D Photography can create photographs that are truly impeccable through her unique visions and exquisite style and taste. She has an eye for detail, which is reflected through each photo. Ian Filippini and his group at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. recommend Karen D Photography to anyone who wants a truly unique, jaw dropping photograph and outstanding photography session.

Rebecca Farmer Photography

Rebecca Farmer Photography specializes in family and children portraits in outdoor settings. Each photograph that is captured reflects a special moment in time, and each time that you look at the photo it will take you back to that special place in time. Many outdoor photography locations are available for the sessions, with one to two hour slots the typical offering. Rebecca Farmer photography frequently runs mini-sessions and other specials, so look for them and get even more bang for your buck. 

Choosing Your Photographer

While Ian Filippini recommends the above photographers, it is always necessary that you take the time to choose the best studio for your individual needs. What is right for your best friend might not be right for you, so by comparing you can always be certain that you select the best candidate for your needs. 

Take a look at their portfolio, the level of comfort you have with them, prior experience taking the type of photographs that you are in need of, and of course the costs associated with the photographs that you need. It is fairly simple to learn all of this information by making a phone call to the studio that is of interest to you, or by visiting their website if you are online. The information is free to learn, and you can always compare these different qualities with several different photographers before making your final selection.

There are so many different photographers available in the city that you never have to sacrifice any of your needs. Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. advises men and women of how to save money on a daily basis, thus they also recommend that you do your homework before hiring any company, including a photographer. It takes only a little bit of time to compare and research, and when you do amazing photographs and a memorable experience await you!


Ian Filippini: Best Locksmiths in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Best Locksmiths in Santa Barbara

No one ever expects to lock themselves out of their car, yet this is one of the most common reasons that people call on a locksmith. Hopefully you will not be one of those people, but it is still good to know a locksmith that you can call upon should it happen. Besides, a locksmith is good for so much more than helping you get into your car. The locksmith is experienced in lock manipulation as well as security installation. This professional can help you with a variety of needs, from installing a new security system to duplicating keys and much more.

No matter why you need a locksmith, make sure the following Santa Barbara locksmiths are names that you are familiar with. These are some of the best names in the city, companies that are ready and willing to assist you with all of your locking needs. Ian Filippini, president of Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., recommends each of these locksmiths. The Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. has wealth advisory skills that can benefit you, so trusting the advice of Ian Filippini is easy.

Best Locksmiths in the City

Ned’s Locksmiths: Ned’s serves the entire Santa Barbara area, offering 24 hour emergency towing and car unlock services as well as a variety of other services. You will find the prices at Ned’s to be among the best in the city, and when it comes to customer service, it is easy to tell that this is a company who is always looking out for your best interest’s.

ESP Locksmith: This locksmithing company offers services to residential and commercial clients.  They are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Round the clock emergency locksmith services also available any time that you might need them. Only trained and highly qualified technicians will work on your locking needs, and you can always expect superior customer service and highly competitive pricing.

Cal Coast Locksmiths: This is another top company in Santa Barbara offering a versatile selection of locksmith services for customers in and around the area. Working with this company ensures that you get outstanding customer service and great prices for all of your locksmithing needs. The company is a long time name in the area, and a company you are sure to enjoy working with.

Santa Barbara Locksmiths: Santa Barbara Locksmiths is open Monday – Friday to serve your needs. The company carried license and insurance, and upon request they offer free estimates for your job so you know upfront the costs to expect to pay. The locksmith company also offer a versatile selection of services to appease the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Montecito Security Locksmith: This locksmith company is licensed, bonded and insured, servicing lock needs for residential and commercial clients. Auto locksmith services are also provided with this company. They offer 24 hour emergency locksmith services in addition to normal business hours. No matter your needs, Montecito Security Locksmith has you covered.

Pride Barco Lock Company: Pride Barco Lock Company manufactures a variety of locks for homes and businesses. The company has been serving the area for more than 60 years now. While they may be unable to come get you back into your car, what this company can do is provide you with high-quality, durable locks that keep you safe and secure, as well as all of the things that you have worked so hard for. Professional services combined with expert products makes for one great company that you might want to take the time to get to know just a little bit better.

Choosing your Locksmith

Don’t settle with the first locksmith that comes around. Always ask for a written estimate of the cost of your services, and compare that rate with others. Get to know the company a little bit better, and consider the time they have been in the area. What are other people in the community saying about the locksmith? There are a number of online reviews that make it possible to learn this information in no time at all.  

Whether you need a locksmith or not, Ian Filippini and the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. can provide you with wealth management services that help you lead a successful life. Whether you need help planning for retirement or want to plan for final expense, the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is there to help. And for those occasions that a locksmith is required to get you out of a hard spot, make sure that you select one of the trusted names from above.



Ian Filippini: 15 Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

15 Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California is home to around 88,000 people. It is an affluent town with a variety of celebrity names with zip codes in the city. With so much to offer, there is no wonder that so many people flock to the city day after day and month after month. Whether you are a resident of the city or a visitor, there are an assortment of fun activities that you can participate in no matter what your interests.  We are sharing with you 15 of the best things that you can do in the city.

  1. Visit the Zoo: The Santa Barbara Zoo is fun for children and adults alike. There are more than 1,000 animals living in this habitat for viewing at the zoo, as well as many fun activities and exhibits related to the animals of the zoo.
  1. Visit State Street: State Street is located in the heart of downtown. It is the street where it all takes place, whether you’re looking to shop, dine or visit a museum. A visit to State Street is certainly a beneficial way to fill the agenda with lots of fun things to fill your time. 
  1. The Granada Theater:  Since 1924 the Granada Theater has been presenting theatrical performances. All these years later, the fun is still in great abundance, and catching fine arts at its best is something that you can do any day of the week.
  1. County Courthouse: The County Courthouse is a must visit site. It is of historical value as it has been a landmark in the city since 1929. There is a great botanical garden filled with colorful flowers and lush green plants, as well as fantastic architecture to enjoy.
  1. Visit the Beach: Whether you are a resident or visiting for a spell, the gorgeous beaches of the city are a must visit. There are endless miles of beaches in the city. You can swim, scuba dive, snorkel, or simply enjoy taking in some of the sun. with the pristine weather, enjoying a day on the beach is always something that you can enjoy. 
  1. Golf: There are several golf courses in Santa Barbara, making it easy for all levels of players to enjoy a day on the greens. 
  1. Stearns Wharf: This is the top tourist spot in the city, and a place that you need to be when it is fun that you want in your life. Enjoy fishing, the sea center, dining, shopping and much more.
  1. Visit the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.: President Ian Filippini is a resident of the city, as well as a man who cares about your financial needs. The Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is a wealth management agency. The company offers a variety of services to help you plan and prepare your finances for success. Ian Filippini goes above and beyond to make his clients feel warm and welcomed, as well as confident in the services that they receive from Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. 
  1. Climb Santa Ynez Mountains: Not only is the city surrounded by gorgeous beaches, there is also the Santa Ynez Mountains opposite the beach. If you are a true outdoorsman, a climb up these mountains could be just what you need for your adventurous side.
  1. Go Camping: Another activity that might take you near the Santa Ynez Mountains, camping is fun for the family!
  1. Visit the Spa:  A mani-pedi is a great way to pamper yourself while also enjoying the great scenery of the city. Several spas are located in the area, so take your pick and enjoy the pampering for a change.
  1. Visit the Farmers Market: There is no better place to get your fresh fruits and veggies than at the Farmers market, so make sure this is a stop you have planned.
  1. Go to the Park: There are more than 21 parks available in the city, so plan a picnic, a day out with Fido or a game of volleyball and head on out.
  1. Nederland Ranch: The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is no longer with us, but his Neverland Ranch is still in full status in the Santa Barbara area. 
  1. Take a Day Trip: Los Angeles is less than 100 miles away from the town, and there’s always something fun and interesting going on in LA! For a bit longer trip, San Francisco is less than 300 miles away. 


Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara Colleges: A Look at the University of California and other Great Universities

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara Colleges: A Look at the University of California and other Great Universities 

Ian Filippini over at Filippini Financial Group will tell you University of California Santa Barbara is one of the best colleges to receive an education.  Not only does the university sit in one of the most beautiful cities, Santa Barbara, California, it has some of the best professors in the world teaching its’ courses.

A Look at University of California –Santa Barbara

The University of California –Santa Barbara is a well-established college. It ranks number 2 in the world for research and provides all students with an exciting journey into a great education. The university is one of 10 University of California locations found throughout the state. This branch of the college opened in 1891.

Approximately 22,000 students are enrolled at the University of California –Santa Barbara, with the majority of those students earning undergraduate degrees. An East and a West campus of the college is available. A total of 87 undergraduate degrees are available, with the school divided into five separate colleges.

Getting into this college isn’t the easiest thing to do. The selection process is long, and of the 62,450 applications received each year, the largest majority of the incoming freshmen selected for admissions had a 3.96 GPA or better.

How to Apply at the University of California

If you are an individual interested in attending this wonderful school tucked in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, learning how to apply for admissions is the first step. The application process is handled entirely online. If you want to apply, the application can be accessed by visiting the college’s website

Remember that there is a fee required to be paid when the application is submitted. A credit or debit card will be needed to pay the fee (currently set at $70) since the process takes place at the college website. The fee is non-refundable, even if you are not accepted for admission into the college.

Some students are eligible for waiver fees. Those who are eligible for this waiver can apply to up to four colleges without paying the usual application fees. To determine eligibility, an application must be completed, and eligibility is determined based upon family income.

A personal statement is also required to be written and submitted with your application. The application was be 1,000 words or less and provides the college administration with a tool to help them determine the right students to accept.

Tips for Completing your Application 

  • Take your time when completing the application. There’s no need to rush, as this might cause critical errors to be made on the application.
  •  Complete the application well-ahead of deadlines if possible.
  • Make sure that you have all of the information needed to apply when you sit down to complete the application. This includes high school transcripts, test scores, etc.
  • Take time when writing the personal statement. This is one of the biggest factors in your admission. A well-written piece will certainly help you stand out from a crowd.

More Great College Life

Ask Ian Filippini and he will tell you that this college is a great one, but certainly not the only college choice available for your education needs. Also in the Santa Barbara area:

  • Brooks Institute: This facility offers a number of exciting courses including film and production, photography and others. 
  • Santa Barbara Community College: Santa Barbara Community College was established in 1909 and currently serves as one of the top community colleges in the US. The Filippini Financial Group can tell you what an amazing college this is for all people who choose to attend. 
  • Westmont: A Christian college in the city, offers a number of undergraduate degrees for students, including art, English, Chemistry, Theater Arts and many others.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of excellent colleges in the city of Santa Barbara, including the University of California. If you are an individual who wants to excel their academic standards and develop a career that dreams are made of, attending any of these great colleges or universities will pave the way for that to be done. No matter what your future career goals or  what you hope to do with your life, getting your education at one of these great colleges makes it all possible. If you have questions about your finances, or even about going to college and making it work for you, be sure that you speak with the Filippini Financial Group for sound advice and information to get you ahead of the game. 

Ian Filippini: Retiring in Sunny Santa Barbara, CA

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Retiring in Sunny Santa Barbara, CA 

Santa Barbara, CA, is home to about 90,000 residents. They live in the city because it offers a little bit of everything, from fun in the sun on the delightful beaches to shopping, art and everything in between. There’s low crime rates, and the average income is nearly $5,000 more than the average in California. For retirees, the amazement of the city expands even greater. This city is one of the top choices for men, women and couples wishing to retire. Ian Filippini knows all too well how amazing of a city this is to live in, and for those ready to live their golden years in complete glory.

Located a short 85 miles from Los Angeles and sitting on the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara has a strong heritage in a diverse community. There is plenty of graceful charm abound in the city, and you’re sure to appreciate the Spanish influence of the architecture throughout. To the east of the city is the Santa Ynez Mountains, creating a stunning atmosphere regardless of your tastes. There is something for everyone in the city. Ian Filippini and his group at Filippini Financial Group consider the city to be a gem filled with character.

There’s always something to see and do in the city. Shopping in the downtown area of the city is a favorite pastime for many retirees, with many amazing stores offering fashions, food, home décor, art and more. But there is far more available in the city as well. Museums are plentiful in the city, and there are 21 parks available. There is always a day of fun waiting to be had when living in this amazing city  no matter what you have in mind for a day of fun. Ian Filippini and the great folks over at Filippini Financial Group would be honored to help you discover more about the great offerings found in the city. 

Since there is no billboard advertising in the city allowed, you can breeze through without distractions. Other signs must also be small in size so not to interfere with the beauty of the city. But that is just the start of the beauty that the city brings. Retirees love the amazing climate throughout the year, with near-perfect weather summer, spring and fall, as well as  the historic liveliness and the many parks, as well as the phenomenal coast and better than average economy.

But what retirees find most appealing about the city and calling it their ‘golden years haven’ is the fact that it is so relaxing, so peaceful, so sound in every possible way. Several different communities are available for retirement, each of them just as enjoyable as the next. And, the affluent city ensures a high quality of life for each resident in every single faucet.

The affluent city has a median home price of just over $640,540. Additionally there are several communities in the city that house only those who are retired, making it even easier to socialize, meet new acquaintances and otherwise enjoy yourself day in and day out.

Other claims to fame that make this city your top choice for retirement:

  • #4  ‘Best Places to Live 2005’
  • #10 ‘America’s best City for Foodies’
  • #37 ‘Best Green City’
  • #11 ‘Most Competitive Public Colleges’

Over the years the city has certainly received its fair share of honor and recognition, and deservingly so. These are just some of those recognitions that have come about over the years, and a few of the things that make the city so appealing.

When you decide that this is the city that you want to retire in, be sure to talk to the Filippini Financial Group for solid and sound financial and wealth management advice. They can ensure that you are living life to the fullest just like you’re supposed to be doing in this sunny California city even when it is the retirement years that you are enjoying. Ian and his group offer an array of financial services to help you manage your money –and your life –the right way. There is no question that this group will be able to provide you the personalized services needed to retire the right way.

The bottom line: Santa Barbara has it all: good people, great climate, a laid-back environment, plenty to see and do for all walks of life, an amazing scenery and money. It is the premier retirement destination for all people looking for a higher quality of life to enjoy those golden years to the fullest. 

Ian Filippini: Events in Santa Barbara: Don’t Miss these Fun Offerings

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Events in Santa Barbara: Don’t Miss these Fun Offerings

Santa Barbara is a city that knows how to have fun. A partial college-town, Santa Barbara has a wide mix of people of all ages, all backgrounds, and, of course, a strong Spanish heritage to add even more culture and flavor. Each year there are many events held that bring the flavor of the city to life, and being a part of these events is a must for visitors and locals alike.

Check out some of the events held annually in Santa Barbara, and make sure that you mark down the dates in your agenda. Being a part of these events will give you plenty to go back home and talk about, not to mention memories to last a lifetime.

International Film Festival

 In February the city caters to the International Film Festival. Although the event takes place at several locations in the area, most events are near State Street. During this event some of the best filmmakers from Hollywood and beyond come together to show off their skills, celebrate awards and more. Thousands flock together for this festival, so it is something that you do not want to miss out on. Ian Filippini cites this as one of his favorite events of all!

Santa Barbara county Vintner’s Festival

People in Santa Barbara know what good wine tastes like, so this fun annual festival enables the pros (and those that want to be a wine-tasting pro) to come together for excitement. More than 100 different wineries are at this event, offering samplings of their wines to all in attendance. In addition to the wine tasting, there are cookouts and picnics, concerts, a golf tournament, vineyard tours and much more. Ian Filippini and his team at the Filippini Financial Group recommend this event, taking place in April, for those who enjoy wine and fun.  

California Wine Festival

The California Wine Festival is another fun, can’t miss festival. It is held in the city in July, and is the perfect gathering place for those who love wine and having fun. There is so much more than wine tasting being enjoyed at this event so do not be shy about bringing along a friend to the event so everyone can get in on the fun. Yes, there will be plenty of wine on hand to taste from many different wineries, but that is just the start of the excitement that awaits . Enjoy exhibits , concerts, the beach, good friends, food and so much more at the California Wine Festival.

Old Spanish days

In August there is nothing but fun going on in Santa Barbara as the Fiesta, otherwise known as the Old  Spanish Days, lights the city afire. Old Spanish Days are non-stop days of fun, but there’s also a story to tell of the city’s rich, interesting history. All of the exhibits and performances reflect that history and enhancing the knowledge of such to all in attendance. The ceremony is officially kicked off with the Little Fiesta. Once the fun begins there is an abundance of great performers, food and fun throughout.   Filippini Financial Group and owner Ian Filippini certainly appreciate what this event brings to the residents and visitors of the city. 

West Beach Music & Arts Festival 

West Beach Music & Arts Festival takes place in September.  Held for three days out of the month, this festival brings performances, special entertainers, food, drinks and so much fun. The event is held on the beach, so on top of the activities planned  for an  outstanding time, the fact that it all takes place on the water only enhances the fun time for all.

Summer Solstice Festival & Parade

People from around town and around the state, and surrounding areas, attend this fun event held annually. It is fun, but it is more than that, bringing community awareness to recycling and green efforts. There is a parade of floats that have been created with recycled products, and lots of other fun for all ages. Face painting, belly dancers, performances, costumes, food and booths are found throughout the park during the event.  

All work and no play is not the way that you want to live. With these annual events in Santa Barbara, you’re certainly not going to have any worries that you will fall into this category, and life will always be something that you enjoy day after day. If you need help keeping your money in order so that you can attend these events, make sure that you talk to the great professionals at the Filippini Financial Group for the best financial advice and information.


Ian Filippini: Finding Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Finding Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

Finding Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

No matter what brings you to the coastal Santa Barbara, California, finding a plethora of fun things to do in the city is a very simple task. The seaside community has a mixture of people from all ages groups, including the wild and rambunctious college students attending the University of California, retired couples and those who are in the city raising their children. From historic and cultural activities to water-based adventures, shopping and dining, you will never run out of things to do in Santa Bambara. Here we will look at the top attractions in the SB area.

Downtown Santa Barbara Attractions

State Street is the main street in the city, and there visitors will find an ample amount of enjoyable inside and outside activities. May historical buildings are located within this area, and there is a better than average arts scene there as well.  It is a good idea to explore downtown Santa Barbara on foot  so you are able to enjoy all of the activities that is offered. A few of the main downtown attractions include:

  • The SB Historical Museum: At this museum you can encounter many different forms of art that date back as early as the 15th century. Ian Filippini, President of Filippini Wealth Management finds this one of the most intruding attractions in town.
  • El Presidio: El Presidio has been a part of the SB community since 1872. It is a military fortress, and one of the last, that was built by the coast of Alta. The historical park is on the corner of East Canon Perdido Street, and has all of the characteristics of the original site.
  •  SB Courthouse: The SB Courthouse has been around for nearly 160 years now, and continues to serve as a local government office. The lush grounds is the main attraction to the courthouse, but the historical value present in the home is just as spectacular to enjoy.
  • Museum of Art: The Museum of Art is another State Street art gallery. It has been a part of the city since 1914. There are many exciting collections and exhibits from local artists and special collections from well-known names.
  • Stearn’s Wharf: Stearns Wharf has many outside shops, coffee shops, restaurants and, of course, lots of fun activities for children and adults alike. Pelicans enjoy calling the Wharf home, so be ready to encounter some of these while you’re there.
  • Jane Restaurant: Jane is located on State Street, and this is a restaurant that you will not want to miss out on visiting. You will find a menu loaded with American and California specialties dining here.

There is so much more to do in the downtown area than what is listed here. Any day of the week, regardless of what you find fun to do and no matter who you want to take along for the adventure, the downtown SB area will not disappoint you. Plan to set aside a few hours of time if you are going to downtown. There is just that much for you to explore in the area. 

Talk to Filippini Wealth Management

Once you have completed your tour of these attractions in downtown, make your way to Montecito and to the Filippini Wealth management, Inc. office. President Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team have a slew of financial services to help you live life to the fullest while keeping more money in your bank account. They can ensure that you are making the best financial decisions to secure a wonderfully secure future for yourself and your family. With their help, you will always live the life that makes enjoying Santa Barbara a simple pleasure.

Ian Filippini: Family Fun Santa Barbara Style

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Family Fun Santa Barbara Style

Family Fun Santa Barbara Style

Whether you’re a family with children or are a kid at heart (much like Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, Filippini Wealth Management Inc. president would describe himself,) you will never run out of things to do in Santa Barbara. The city, while known for pristine beaches and upscale amenities, has a plethora of activities that make the day never-ending excitement for all ages. Without further ado, take a look at some of the city’s top activities for kids –and children at heart.

The Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the best in the entire state of California, so you do not want to miss out on paying it a visit yourself. There’s plenty to see and do, with more than 6,000 species of animals available, as well as numerous exhibits and opportunities for animal education.

Stearns Wharf is located right by the ocean on State Street, and it is a free event that is perfect for all ages. There is a lot to do at the Wharf, including enjoying pelican encounters and whale watching, plus plenty of great cafes and shops if you feel like donning a little something more. Ian Filippini, and most of his associates at Filippini Wealth Management Inc., enjoy spending a day at the Wharf, and so will you.

Boomers! Has a little bit of everything going on, from miniature golf to go-karts, and a family can easily spend the entire day here and still not want to leave. The entertainment complex is open 7 days per week, and if you are a Santa Barbara resident (or in town at the time,) you can even throw a birthday bash at Boomers! This is a family fun attraction that you must visit at least once. 

The Goleta Rail Museum is another favorite place of children, and here they can ride a real working train and enjoy movies and exhibits that detail the exciting history of the railroad system in the area. Kids of all ages love riding the train, and the train education is certainly a nice bonus.

For a day of outdoor fun, head over to the Chase Palm Park. This park has lots of shipwrecked themed playground that allows the little ones to enjoy plenty of creative play, and of course plenty for mom and dad to enjoy as well.    Alameda Park is also another fantastic choice for outdoor fun. The park has an amazing 8,000 feet of playground space, with a grassy, fenced in area so there’s no worry that the kids will get out of your site.

Santa Barbara County Fair & Exhibit is an annual event, but if you are in town during the summer when it rolls around, you will not want to miss out on all of the rides, shows and carnival games. There’s even a baby/beauty pageant for those gorgeous lads and lasses to show off their stuff.

Although you might want to leave the kids at home for a visit to Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. the trip is one that you will want to make. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team of experts at Filippini Wealth Management Inc. can help you make smarter financial decisions that enable you to enjoy more time with your family than ever before.

So, there you have it: a look at some of the many fun adventures that you can enjoy in the city with your little ones. These are just some of the things that you can embark upon, so learn what the city has to offer you and get on out there and enjoy life to the fullest. It is too much fun to pass by!

Ian Filippini: Does Any Size Estate Have to Go Through Probate?

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Does Any Size Estate Have to Go Through Probate?

Anyone who has heard of the word probate like Ian Filippini has probably not heard of it in a good way.  Probate is usually talked about in a negative way because, like most legal proceedings, it can be very tedious and take a long time.  Probate is a legal process that happens to a person’s estate after they die.  The purpose of probate is to use the estate to pay off any lingering debts before the rest of the estate is divided and those receiving parts of the estate pay their portion of taxes also.  It is a general rule to say that any estate must go through probate so that Uncle Sam can get his money; however, there are some exceptions to this rule.  You should talk to your own estate planning professional to get all current probate rules and laws clear.  Ian Filippini is a professional estate planning and financial consultant.  In this article Ian Filippini will discuss how big an estate needs to be before it will be put through probate.

Ian Filippini knows that the word estate itself is usually associated with lots of property, money and assets.  Ian Filippini says that the truth is that an estate is whatever you have left at the time of your death.  Even if you only own your home, Ian Filippini says that this is your estate.

If money or property has been left to you, and the total worth is less than $150,000, there is a chance the estate will not have to go through probate.  Ian Filippini asserts that the estate will not have to go through probate only if the amount of property worth less than $150,000 was already given to someone as a beneficiary or through a trust.

Ian Filippini was birthed and raised by parents: Alfred Filippini and Deborah Filippini. Alfred Filippini passed at the beginning of summer 2009.  Ian Filippini still has brother, Alex Filippini, ready to assist with Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

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Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm. No advice is given or intended.  This article should not and is not to be considered legal advice. Please consult your probate attorney.

Ian Filippini: Can I Get Out of Probate?

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Can I Get Out of Probate?

Before Ian Filippini addresses the topic of the title of the article, whether or not you can get out of probate, Ian Filippini wants you to know the definition of probate.  According to Ian Filippini, probate is a court process that happens to a person’s estate after they die.  It is a legal process to make sure that all debts and taxes that the deceased person owes are collected, and that anything left is distributed to whomever was intended by the deceased.   Probate can be a long and arduous process (as can anything involving the courts).  People generally do not look forward to going through probate after a loved one of their dies, so people are always asking Ian Filippini how they can avoid the probate process all together.  Now that Ian Filippini has told you the basics of what probate is, you may want to know who Ian Filippini is; Ian Filippini is an estate planning and financial professional.  In this article, Ian Filippini will briefly discuss if there are any legal ways that your estate will not have to go through the probate process.

According to Ian Filippini, there are basically two legal ways to keep an estate out of probate court.  Ian Filippini says that certain property or assets will not have to go through probate depending on how those things are owned;  if something is owned jointly or if something is community property, it generally will not have to go through the process of probate. Ian Filippini would like you to note that there still may be legal steps you have to take to prove that the property is owned this way.

Ian Filippini says that life insurance policies or other contracts that list a beneficiary also will not have to go through probate.

Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is situated close to Santa Barbara on Coast Village Road in Montecito, California. The current president of Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is Ian Filippini. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. and Ian Filippini have many years of experience and knowledge to provide their clients with value. These areas include: estate planning, insurance, real estate and taxation. Ian Filippini also takes the time to write articles relating to estate planning, insurance, real estate and taxation.

Ian Filippini was raised by his parents: Alfred Filippini and Deborah Filippini. Alfred passed away in 2009 of liver cancer, but he still has brother, Alex Filippini, close to help out with Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

No advice is given or intended.  This article should not and is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney.  Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm.